Zion Lutheran Church Ministries

are about learning, serving, and fellowship

At Zion Lutheran Church, we foster a caring environment that allows you to be encouraged and cared for while serving both church and community. Grace helps all Christians grow in the Word of God through fellowship, worship, learning, and serving. We invite you to become engaged in one of our three Adult Community Groups.

Getting Involved in a Group

To get involved in one of Zion’s Community Groups, simply Contact Us. The following groups offer exciting ways for you to get involved with the church and share your gifts with the community.

Bible Study Groups

Jesus says that His Word is Living Water. He pours His Living Water on each of us through his Life, Death, and Resurrection. His Word is as essential for us as liquid water is to flowers, fruits, and vegetables. In it we are given new life. Zion’s Bible Study Groups are your chance to drink this Living Water alongside friend and neighbor.     Learn more

Serving Groups

Take on a fulfilling role in your Church by signing up for a role on our Sunday Worship Team. Get involved in Community Outreach to be the hands and feet of Christ.     Learn more

Fellowship Groups

Zion’s Fellowship Groups are designed to help you learn to love Christ, love one another, and become uplifted in the spirit of camaraderie. Group goals are to help every member grow spiritually while providing opportunities to serve and nurture new friendships    Learn more