Water with the Word

in one of Zion’s Bible Study Groups

What happens to a plant if it doesn’t get water on a routine basis? It slowly withers, starved for water’s life-giving properties that fill every one of its cells. Without Living Water from our Lord and Savior, our spiritual body will meet the same fate.

The purpose of Zion Lutheran’s Bible Study Groups is to help you grow in His Word as disciples.

  • Men’s Bible Study Monday 10:00 am in the library.
  • Men’s Study Monday 7:00 pm at private residence.
  • Men’s Lectionary Bible Study Wednesday 7:30 am IHOP in Covington.
  • Bible Study 1st and 3rd Wednesday 9:30 am library.
  • Bible Study 1st and 3rd Thursday 9:30 am library and conference room.

We invite you to join one of our small Bible Study Groups or start your own. Invite a friend to join you to drink Christ’s Living Water on a weekly basis. You are free to meet anywhere, and at any time that is convenient for you.

Contact Us today to learn more about Zion Lutheran Church Bible Study Groups.