Baptism: God’s Unthwartable Promise to You – Some evenings I have a hard time deciding what to make for dinner. I can stare at the contents of the pantry or refrigerator and wonder what to make and then end up at the store staring at the cut meats where the wondering continues for a while longer. Finally, sometimes I just decide to throw something together in the crockpot and hope it turns out edible. Or some mornings, waking up groggy in the dark of the bedroom, I think, what shall I wear that day. When I can’t find the one shirt that I was looking for, I then remember that I forgot to take the load of laundry out of the dryer the previous night such that said shirt is cold and wrinkled in the dryer. If I have a difficult time making these kinds of decisions in the mundane things of life, as I am sure you do from time to time in a variety of scenarios, how is it that I could possibly bear the burden of making a decision for Jesus Christ in matters of my eternal salvation?

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