Educational Opportunities for All Ages

The education of the Christian begins at baptism and continues through adulthood until you take your last breath on this earth. As Martin Luther is known to have said, he read the catechism and the scripture every day and could not master them. Our Christian education does not end at confirmation but is a life-long watering and nurturing of faith. At Zion, we offer a number of opportunities for all people to study and learn the Bible to help nourish and strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and his promises.


Pre-K thru 5th grade

We are excited to introduce SparkHouse curriculum for our 2022-2023 Sunday school.  SparkHouse believes that every project begins with a spark–an idea, an inspiration, a glowing reminder of the Spirit of God.  By using various media forms, it offers the kids a chance to get stronger in their faith and learn stories from the Gospel in a fun and imaginative way.   Each Sunday at 10:30am, we will start off with Music with Maraget and after, the kids will be chaperoned to the Creation Room where they will enjoy learning biblical stories and making a craft.

6th – 8th grade Confirmation (September-May)

SparkHouse offers a multi-unit course for Confirmation. Unit 1 starts with the Old Testament, Unit 2 dives into Lutheran History and Catechism, Unit 3 takes them into the New Testament and Unit 4 finishes the school year in Lutheran Living.  Each week, the middle schoolers will learn and understand what it means to study the Gospel and what it means to be a Lutheran.  They will have a workbook to use in each Unit along with their own Lutheran study bible. In Summer 2023, the middle schoolers will have an opportunity to go to Lutherhaven Summer Camp in Lake Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

High School Youth Group

 High Schoolers will have a unique opportunity to do a Bible Study tailored to their age group.  Each student will have their own workbook and Lutheran Study bible to dive deeper into the biblical stories they have grown up with.  They will have an opportunity to do different projects, help with the Elementary students, and do some service work throughout the year.


Zion offers a weekly Bible study, going through one book of the Bible at a time.  The group meets in the Library once a week.  Please check the Church calendar for times and dates.  Zion also offers once a month, Thirsty Theologians.  We take up and discuss some of the major theological themes of Lutheranism while we sip our favorite beverages.  We meet on the third Thursday of each month at different locations.  Check the Calendar to see where the next one will be!  Starting in September, we will have Adult Education hour returns after church service!  More details will follow. 

Will there be Vacation Bible School Day Camp this Summer?

VBS will be held at St. John’s Catholic Church June 27th-July 1st.  We look forward to the return of VBS at Zion Lutheran Summer 2023.

Is Lutherhaven Summer Camp open this year?

We look forward to returning to Lutherhaven Summer 2023.  We will be doing fundraising throughout this year for the kids.

Will the youth be going on a service trip this year?

The staff and volunteers are still determining whether there is a service trip this year.

How can my family and I get involved in education at Zion?

We are always in need of volunteers.  We are currently needing Chaperones for the Elementary school hour.  A background check will be required and there will be a workshop in August to go over school material.  If you are interested to volunteer please contact Lisa Lord